Finding the prefect promo gift!

Best promo gifts
Its always something that’s on the minds of event marketers when they have a marketing opportunity coming up – “What branded item can I give out that will be memorable and useful to potential customers?” and the truth is that there is no one answer… there are thousands of answers 🙂 We compiled some research from surveys and articles and here is what we found:
Depending on if your event or activation is a tradeshow, awards ceremony, sales conference, corporate sports day, there will always be a wide variety of gifts to give, you just have to pick one! Here are some good giveaway options and the reasons why>>

Bottle openers – These are lightweight and have really cool designs that suit any brand. Suited to more casual and friendly brands, or ones in the alcohol industry, they make for great and cost-effective giveaways.

Flash drives/USB’s – These are some of the most popular because there is such a wide variety of branding styles and designs for these, but also because people really hold onto these for years. Buy wholesale and get the best prices and turnaround times from us.

Metal businesscard holders – Done professionally, these giveaways can be the finishing touch for a premium or corporate brand as the next giveaway. Another gift that generally has a long “shelf-life”

Car USB charging unit – Have your brand in your customers cars and know you will be remembered, and will be held on to for as long as the unit works!

A high quality pen with engraving – (for obvious reasons) Everyone uses pens, and it’s a great way to get your brand directly in the hands of customers. We have a wide range to choose from as probably our largest category of items, so let us help you find the pen that will display your brand the best.

Or chat with us to get some ideas for your next give away.