Happy March, and Happy Employee Appreciation Month!
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We loved this article on Employee Appreciation and wanted to share some sections with you, but the full article can be seen here

So,why Does Employee Appreciation Matter?

It seems like a no-brainer, right? People respond well to feeling appreciated and valued. It is at the core of who we are as humans.

“The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” – William James, American psychologist and philosopher. Appreciation can be a BIG win for companies and leaders that embrace this philosophy in how they recognise employees from the top down, but also the culture they then create within the company.

1. Employee Appreciation Creates a Stronger Company Culture

Showing appreciation can positively impact interpersonal relationships, but also the larger team, groups or company. A company culture of kindness and appreciation can bring major benefits to your team and business! We’ve included a few points on how to show appreciation, but often including a personalised and thoughtful branded item goes a long way (as you can imagine, it’s one of our favourite things!) 🙂

2. It increases individual employee happiness and morale.

When employees feel valued and recognized for their contributions it impacts their connectivity to the organization, team, and the work they do.

3. It encourages appreciation across the organization.

Setting this example with your staff will, in turn, impact the larger company culture and how they recognize and show appreciation for each other. As this spreads across the management level, it will trickle down into peer-to-peer interactions and create a culture of appreciation throughout the organisation and teams.

4. It ultimately leads to a positive work environment.

When felt across the company, appreciation and recognition will lead to a more positive environment and dialogue. A company rooted in thankfulness and appreciation breeds happiness.

5. It leads to better engagement and loyalty in your staff

6. It even improves employee performance and impacts business results and growth

What can you do to show appreciation in the workplace?

  • Public recognition and a thank you goes a long way
  • Company events and gifts (this is where we come in :D) – there are so many ways you can show appreciation, from a branded notebook and pencil, to branded mugs, waterbottles, trophies, awards, certificates, powerbanks, t-shirts, bags – the list is endless, and sometimes branding more unique items will be more memorable.
  • Celebrating company-wide wins: Its important to celebrate milestones in the company, this can be done on a small scale with desk drops and branded smaller items for a cost effective budget, or could be made into a bigger event or promotion, with branded banners, branded displays and branded gazebos, along with branded clothes and corporate gifts.
  • Supporting personal charities
  • Gamifying and incentivising employees to be thankful towards each other

For the best ways to show appreciation, let us get involved for some fresh new ideas. Contact us to chat about the millions of corporate gift and branding options we have, or Get a quote now, we can’t wait to get branding with you!

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