Being in the heart of Johannesburg means that we are surrounded by phenomenal small businesses, large corporations and mid-sized enterprises, all pursuing their own business paths at full steam. An important part of business comes from the motivation of all the employees and especially business owners to create momentum and bring in sales, and ensure people love their brand and business just as much as they do. But what happens when motivation levels run low, or the business feels like it could do with a re-ignition of passion? We recommend making some changes on the inside that the filter through to the outside, through changed attitudes from employees, and beautifully branded items for all to see!

Re-branding through design is another topic altogether which we also highly recommend but here are 3 main ways you can take your existing branding from zero to hero through cool branded items, printing and internal events:

  1. Give a fresh look to your exterior by getting new branded signage

Especially if your premises are frequented by clients and customers, it’s important for your signage to look fresh, clean and new. Permanent signage will need to have a reprint, and even temporary banner could be printed and put up to make a real show of your office space – outside banners like teardrop banners, PVC outdoor banners, large format banners, even Gazebo’s if you have the space, together with some festive looking bunting will really let people know you are around. Internal banners for just inside your reception area, to show off your businesses products or services could be pull up banners (deluxe or economy fit any budget) or wall banners.

  1. Revitalise your inner space with wall vinyls, branded wall paper and branded mugs

Remember when we mentioned that reigniting your business passion should come from the inside out? Some of the most perfect ways to do so are through wall vinyl stickers, branded wallpaper and branded collateral around the office, like mugs! (We love mugs) (And Flasks and Water bottles 😀 ). But honestly, we think, why stop at mugs when you can brand literally anything and everything? We love the idea of branding little mini pot plants for employees’ desks, and stationery, notebooks, pens, pencils, laptop sleeves and employee electronics! Even cell phone accessories are a hit, or lanyards and USB’s. What we think really makes a difference to feelings of internal team motivation, however, is branded uniforms or shirts, that’s something that almost always brings the real team spirit and all those *love* feelings into the business, right in time for Valentine’s day in the workplace!

  1. Events or promotions – the catalyst to bring the spark back!

With events and promotions held in the workplace, it’s a great way to spread news about new products, an exciting achievement, or just a team building exercise to bring people in the company together. Some of the internal campaigns we have done have been for sales incentives for trips to Mauritius, with banners and printed standees with thermometers, flower necklaces and branded sunglasses, branded towels and beach bags with branded slip slops, all to get the excitement growing. We’ve also done internal product launches for employees that don’t know about a company’s various products, with car shaped keyrings, trophies and awards, and even branded underpants!

There are so many fun and entertaining ways to ensure that the passion and love for brands and businesses stays alive and well, chat to us about what we can do to ignite some love and passion in your business with these branding ideas this Valentine’s Day!

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