STAND out at your next tradeshow

Preparing to exhibit your stand at a trade show can be very scary and frustrating. What do we take for our trade show display and how do we present it?
You first need to find out the specifics of the trade show you are registered for or considering exhibiting in. If necessary, contact the organizers of the event and get details on the type of visitors that the show attracts and the layout of the area you will have to display your business.
Be sure to find out the size of the trade show display table you will have, whether there is wall space for your company sign, if there are electrical outlets available, and anything else that may or may not be included (i.e., a tablecloth, etc.).

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Make Your Display Table Stand Out
If the trade show display table you have does not include a tablecloth, be sure to get one that complements your display and represents your company’s image and color scheme (without being overpowering). Even if a tablecloth is supplied, bring your own or something to add some depth to your table (i.e., a table runner). Your table will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Use a Presentation Board
If your trade show display space will allow, erect a stand-alone presentation board. On the board, you can show how clients can benefit by using your services. Be creative and make it stand out. Include pictures, if possible, and be sure your company name and logo are more than obvious.

Create a Template of Your Company Name
If there is wall space, but your budget is minimal, use your trusty desktop publishing software to create a template of your company name. Use the template, along with bristle board, cardboard, or foam core to make a sign that you can put up on the wall behind your trade show display.

Arrange Your Display Table Properly
Arrange your trade show display table in levels. Put the larger items at the rear, shorter items in front of those, and even shorter items in front of those.

Use Video or Slide Shows to Draw Attention
Develop a video or slideshow presentation to display on TV monitors in your booth. There are various stands and racks available for mounting flat screens for trade shows. You can rent or borrow this equipment if you don’t already have it. Your visitors will find this visually appealing, and it will draw their attention.

Promote Your Booth on Social Media
Use social media to let your customers know that you are participating in a trade show and invite them to stop by and visit. If you are not using social media already see How to Create a Social Media Plan, How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook and How to Promote Your Business on Twitter.

Have Plenty of Giveaways
Have plenty of trade show giveaways, such as business cards, brochures, pens, magnets, and anything else that has your company name and/or logo on it.
Most people who attend trade shows are expecting to take home some goodies. And be sure to use display racks for showing your flyers, specials, brochures, and such.

Food Goodies are Always a Big Hit
Offer something a little different as a trade show giveaway FOOD. If you can, package your food in a way that will allow you to have your company contact information on it.

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Or chat with us to get some ideas for your next give away.