As South Africa approaches the winter months, its going to become even more important to reduce touching surfaces that could be contaminated. So,we’ve designed and produced The Raz Eagle Claw ????! A handy tool that is hardy and able to be used on most surfaces with its tailored design. Each one is sold for R20 ex VAT – a cost-effective, safety-oriented tool. Various colours available, and can be custom branded for any business.

This handy device attaches to your keyring and can be used for any surface that many people touch that could be unsanitized, such as office door handles, car doors and taxi doors, elevator buttons, keypads on credit card machines, or entry pads. Stay safe and away from germs by using these Eagle Claws, and get one branded to hand out to clients, or for your staff/employees.

Gloves, sanitizer and frequent hand-washing also help a great deal, and of course our range of face masks and face shields, thermometers and alcohol wipes.

Watch this demo video of the Eagle Claw in action:

Want to see more in the range? Click here, or get in touch directly for more. | 011 807 4379


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