Get your team kitted out with the best in electronics, desk swag, motivational stationary and more – just to make working from home, or working back at the office that much better.

There is so much variety in our branded gifts that you are bound to find something that can motivate your team and brighten up the workplace.

If your team is working from home, something from our wide range of electronics may be just what you need. Here is our list of the top 10 best work promotional gifts at the moment:

  1. As one of the official agents of JBL, we can get your brand on JBL headphones (and any other JBL products) for the best quality sound gear around. They also come in such a wide variety of colours that will brighten up any workspace!
  2. Talking about colours, ask for our range of colours and types of charging cables or wireless phone chargers, they’re a perfect addition to any desk.
  3. Bluetooth speakers are easily brandable as well and can fit any budget so are a gift for any size team.
  4. As much as electronics are fun, nothing quite replaces paper – notebooks are customiseable and with any design, can be motivational and fun too!
  5. Our special emoji pens are a different and fun accessory that is a great talking point among employees – change the face to 3 different expressions.
  6. If you want to get something that is more motivational, get a pen and pencil holder with a cool quote on it – we can do a design for you or you can send us your own, and there is such a wide variety of pen holders that you’re bound to find the perfect corporate gift.
  7. What about a pot plant? Your team are bound to be hard workers, which can mean hours behind a computer and less hours around nature. A mini desk potplant is a great way to bring a bit of nature to your desk, and it can be branded with a logo, personal name, or motivational quote.
  8. A new bluetooth mouse – do any of your work team still use computer mouses with wires? It becomes a real hassle to move around, the Bluetooth mouses are much sleeker and easy to transport around – and is a good way of upgrading your tech to 2020 standards!
  9. Desk phone holder – when working from home, sometimes it can be tough to establish your work spot, but once there is a designated home-office area, it feels that much more complete with a phone holder – so that everything is at your fingertips!
  10. And of course one of the best gifts around that fits within any budget whatsoever is the personalised mug. It’s a firm favourite because it comes in all colours of the rainbow, any font or design can be printed on, and it quickly becomes your work-team’s favourite item around the office. Check out our short video for some mug ideas HERE.

Look through our categories of corporate gifts or chat with us directly for some unique ideas on what to get for your staff and work team – we are filled to the brim with creative ideas for your workforce!

Get in touch on 011 807 4379, or email to get some great products and ideas!




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